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"Healing From God Is Available" will help you to clearly understand once and for all and show you how to receive healing from God!

You Too Can Receive Healing From God!

From:  Michael A. Verdicchio
Author of  Healing from God Is Available

Dear Believer:

God has been healing people for centuries, and He continues unto this present day.  It is available for you to receive healing from God! 

There is no lack of written material on the subject of healing, from diets to the metaphysical, from spiritual to surgery. 

Healing from God Is Available examines what the Bible has to say about this very critical topic.  This is not a complicated theological work, but a straightforward presentation of truth, intended to let the Scriptures speak, thus showing what God has to say about healing

Healing from God Is Available not only shows the obstacles in receiving healing, but clearly presents the keys for receiving

Years ago my wife was diagnosed with an incurable disease, called Meniere's disease. The symptoms were extremely uncomfortable!

The Doctors had given up hope!

Her main Doctor at the time was one of the top 5 Doctors in the world. He told me that whoever came up for the cure her disease would probably get the Nobel Prize.  After my wife was healed by God, I told him that the Nobel Prize should go to God!

In Healing from God Is Available, you will not only see a number of records of deliverance from God’s Word, but you will see why and how they received their healing. 

The Scriptures declare that Jesus Christ not only paid the price for all sins, but he also paid the price for all sicknesses.  Healing from God Is Available will show you how you too can receive healing from God.

Healing From God Is Available

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Healing from God Is Available answers many pertinent questions, including
  • Where does sickness come from?

  • Is God testing you?

  • What does forgiveness have to do with healing?

  • Is healing freely given from God?

Here's What Others Have Said About "Healing From God Is Available"

“This is the best piece of work on healing that I have seen in over 40 years of being in the ministry.”

“We will definitely carry it in our bookstore.”

“People will read this and get healed!”

“It is a wonderful presentation on God’s Word that just sets forth what God in His Word has to say about healing.”

“I think this will be a big blessing to God’s people.”

“It will be a great addition to any Christians’ library.”

“This is a powerful book!

During my many years of study and teaching of the Bible, I have been consistently brought back to the subject of this work, that Healing from God Is Available I have seen wonderful deliverance in people’s lives when they believe the simple promises of God’s Word.

There are numerous books on the topic of healing.  In order to discover the truths regarding this subject, however, we must lay aside complicated theology and let the Scriptures speak, thus declaring what God has to say. 

For a number of years, I had a desire to publish simple, straightforward and clear truths from the Scriptures that would help people to receive healing from God.  Healing from God Is Available is a fulfillment of that desire. 

This book
does not contain my experiences.  The focus is on assisting people to see and understand that Healing from God Is Available

Healing from God Is Available
will also be of great value for those who desire to minister healing to others. 

Read some excerpts...

Excerpts From "Healing From God Is Available"

Another major obstacle that prevents people from receiving healing is sin consciousness and condemnation – refusing to accept God’s forgiveness.  Just as a person needs to get clear in his or her heart and mind that our God is a God of goodness and wonderful works; that He is a God that heals and delivers, so also a person needs to be clear in his or her heart and mind that God forgives them all their iniquities.
Chapter 2 - Healing and Forgiveness
page 21

It is vital in receiving healing from God to remember and have clear in your heart and mind that sickness does not come from the One True God.  Sometimes people who think that God gives them sickness, think that by enduring the sickness it makes them a better Christian.  If that were true, then why go to a doctor, why take any medicine, why pray to get healed? Instead, pray for more sickness. The Scriptures do not concur with that kind of thinking. 
Chapter 3 - Where Does Sickness Come From?
page 29

And just as salvation is freely given, so is healing.  Did we deserve salvation and payment for our sins?  No.  Then likewise it is not a question of whether or not we deserve healing.  Healing is available because Jesus Christ paid the price for it. 
Chapter 5 - Healing is Freely Given
page 47

It is my sincere desire and concern that  Healing from God Is Available, will be a great help to those seeking to be healed, and, a guide for those desiring to help others receive healing.

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Healing is God’s will for you right now, today!  And, whether you buy my book or not, that is what I also desire for your life.  It is never an easy experience to be sick, no matter how small of an illness one has.

Believing the promises of God is the most important key to receiving healing.  I firmly believe that Healing from God Is Available can help you get to that point.  You don’t need this book to get to that point, nor do you need it to get healed, but I believe with all my heart it can help you get there!

May God bless you and heal you in the name of Jesus Christ!

Michael A Verdicchio

Healing From God Is Available
Michael A. Verdicchio

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